Recent Projects

We are what we make.
See our last projects and enjoy how we are trying to contribute to change our coustumer’s paradigm.
Our commitment and dedication coupled with an undeniable and accumulated experience, has assured the GV + A sustained growth and with it go gaining the confidence of new partners and customers.


Attitudes generate ideas and them build trends.
GV + A embodies the relentless spirit pursuit, an appeal to the constant demand for superfluous, or rather on what is dispensable or indispensable.
Sometimes we have to abandon our beliefs and look at others.
Observe, (re) interpret, take a step back and then forward again with a strong decision in search of the essential, given the noise set by sterile information wich tends to confuse.
But our customers speak for us.
  • " The GV + Architects has executed several projects for companies related to the BNI's Bank which has consistently demonstrated its knowledge of the Angolan market and the ability to adapt to pre-defined budgets and innovative construction methods."

    Dr. Pimentel Araújo | Assessor do Conselho de Administração


We believe in individual valuer as creative engine. For GV + A its mission is based on a dynamic and innovative methodology where each of us pays tribute active within the group.
If you want to run for GV + A, please clearly state your reasons for wanting to be part of our team and attach a resume with portfolio indicating you want full-time job or internship. We will try to respond to all applicants as soon as we possibly can.